SALAD SCHOOL is a collection of how-to salad garden guides, inspirational examples, delicious salad recipes, and tips and tricks

Inspired and drawn from the many salad gardens created by Rooted Garden and Nicole Burke’s GARDENARY online course-


Nicole Burke Owner of Gardenary


Why Salad School?

by Nicole Burke

After several failed attempts at a backyard kitchen garden growing tomatoes, watermelon, peppers, and potatoes, I decided to try to grow organic salad greens instead.

After setting up a raised garden and filling it with soil (or watching as my husband did the work), my kids and I scattered the beds with organic lettuce seed.

After only a few weeks, seeds became lush plants and I was harvesting fresh salad greens on the daily. Because we were growing in Houston, TX’s temperate climate, the greens lasted from October to April and I seriously didn’t buy one green thing from the grocery store for six months straight.

Six months!

Convinced this was clearly an idea and experience worth spreading (and hopeful that I could garden for a living), I founded Rooted Garden in 2015, offering consulting and kitchen garden coaching to help others set up their own backyard gardens.

While my clients grow so many things in their raised beds, I’ve always encouraged the 250+ of them to all start with salad gardening. And it’s worked!

After seeing that success wasn’t just mine but also possible for so many of our clients, I developed a step-by-step course that can be used almost anywhere. I took the lessons I’ve learned from working in so many different backyards and created this thorough video training that teaches you all the things about salad gardening.

This website is meant to inspire you to start growing your own salad right in your own kitchen window or out in your first kitchen garden.

So, thanks for being here and bringing back the kitchen garden, especially the salad garden, alongside me.