Why Arugula Is a Perfect First Plant for Your Kitchen Garden

Why Arugula Is a Perfect First Plant for Your Kitchen Garden

Arugula Harvest

by Nicole Burke of Gardenary

Arugula, also known as Rocket, is the perfect first plant to try in your kitchen garden.

Here are a few reasons to plant Arugula first.

1- It’s Fast

Arugula grows quickly from seed. The numbers say 5-7 days, but I’ve had seeds sprout as soon as 3 days after planting. Starting Arugula from seed makes sense-you can grow so much more of it for so much less and the plants will do better if started directly in your garden (rather than transplanted from a plant you bought at the nursery).

2-It’s Tough

Arugula is one of the few salad greens that grow in a wide variety of temperatures. In our Rooted Garden Houston gardens, we actually grow Arugula year-round. Arugula doesn’t mind cold, warm and even hotter temperatures (especially if growing in shade). But Arugula does spoil with frost, snow, or below freezing temps. So, as long as it’s not too cold, it’s pretty much non-stop fresh Arugula.

3-It’s Delicious

Ever tried Arugula from the grocery and just about had to spit it out because it was so peppery? When Arugula leaves grow larger or older, their peppery flavor intensifies and it’s honestly just not that great. But when you’ve got Arugula growing in your garden, you can harvest the leaves as early and young as you’d like-and you should. You’ll find the baby leaves are so much more palatable and even the bigger leaves taste better than those that have traveled 1000 miles to get to your local grocery.

So whether you’re just starting your kitchen garden or you’ve got a raised bed full of plants, you’ve got to try growing more Arugula this season. It’s the perfect addition to a productive kitchen garden and I promise the harvests just won’t stop.

And hey, thanks for being part of the Kitchen Garden Revival! If you’re just getting started with a kitchen garden, might I suggest growing some salad? It’s the way I learned and I promise you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

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