3 Perfect Containers for a Salad Garden

3 Perfect Containers for a Salad Garden

One of the things I love best about growing salad is that it can be planted in just about anything. Most of the sweet lettuces that we use often, like Romaine, Spring Mix, and Buttercrunch, all have shallow root systems. And by shallow, I mean just a few inches long.

This shallow root system means that lettuces can grow in fairly small containers which makes for a super simple setup. So, no more excuses on starting that kitchen garden, right? You can grow lettuces in just about anything.

To get you started, here’s three great containers you can use to start growing your own salad this season.

And by the way, a container is just one of the four things you need to start a salad garden, if you’d like to learn more about the other three, grab my free download by clicking the button below.

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    Use a cedar box or planter of any shape to start growing lettuces. I’ve built my own with small cedar planks from the hardware store. And you can do the same. Just be certain the wood you’re using hasn’t been treated with a synthetic chemical before planting.



Grow bags are one of the simplest ways to start growing lettuces. They’re lightweight, inexpensive and easy to plant up quickly. Look for cloth bags at your local nursery or purchase one online. You’ll want your bag to be at least 12 to 15” wide for about one harvest per week. Or, you can purchase a larger grow bag for a salad garden you can harvest from almost daily.

Steel salad gardens


I love using steel containers to grow lettuces. They hold up better than cloth bags and add a unique structure and color to the landscape. When shopping for steel containers, be sure to find ones that are food-safe and labeled as such. Also, you’ll generally need to add drainage holes to the bottom of your container but you can do so with a large drill bit (just be sure to protect your eyes before drilling!). Steel containers heat up quickly and have proven to be a great way to grow lettuces.

You can read the step by step to setting up a steel container of lettuce here at Gardenary.


See how easy it is to grow lettuces? While so many people start with tomatoes or peppers, lettuces really are the simplest way to start kitchen gardening. So, pick your favorite container and get started today.

Want more information on growing lettuces? Watch my free workshop all about growing salad by registering below. Come join me!

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