Joshua McFadden's Famous Kale Salad

Joshua McFadden's Famous Kale Salad

Kale yeah! It’s a garden kale salad recipe we love.

We’re big fans of kale here at Salad School, mostly because it is so very easy to grow.

Kale is a biennial, meaning the plant can last for years in the garden. Years!

And the more you harvest kale, the more it grows.

It’s not just a superfood for your body, it’s a superstar for your garden.

But sometimes we can’t find a way to consume all the kale our gardens throw at us.

And that’s why we need Joshua McFadden.

His Kale Salad recipe took the world by storm, was written up by the New York Times, and is just so very delicious.

With just a few simple ingredients like bread crumbs, olive oil, garlic cloves and of course, some Pecorino Romano cheese, you’ll be eating kale like it’s going out of style (even though it’s not going anywhere).

So, now you can grow your kale and eat it too (and please invite us over for dinner!)

As you’ll read in the New York Times article, not just any kale will do. You need Toscano Kale and it should be a locally grown variety if at all possible. We both know there’s nothing more local than your own backyard so perhaps this recipe can tempt you to try growing your own?

If you’re ready to learn more about growing kale and all other sorts of salad greens, it just might be time to watch my free Salad Gardening Workshop. You can find it at the button below and watch when it works for you.

Here’s to kale not tasting like cardboard and to Joshua McFadden for making eating locally and seasonally so very delicious.

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