How to Make a Super Model Salad

How to Make a Super Model Salad

There’s a reason it’s called a ‘sad salad.’

Or ‘just a salad.’

Because let’s be honest-some chopped romaine, shredded carrots, and Ranch dressing is a dish you’re craving….never.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Make a Supermodel Salad with me and make eating your greens fun again.

Here’s how:



Use a Variety of Textures & Flavors

A supermodel salad needs a variety of textures and flavors to keep your eyes busy. And I’m not talking croutons and bacon bits!

I love to start with a soft textured lettuce, then build on that with a green that’s firm and crunchy and finally add some fringe, because we know fringe is totally runway worthy.


One of the simplest way to add softness to your salad is adding Spinach and Buttercrunch. This simple soft leaf is a good base for almost any supermodel salad.


To add crisp lines and structure to your salad, you can use some Romaine or baby Kale or even a broadleaf Mustard.


I love to add Mizuna. It almost looks like lace and also adds a little pepper flavor to kick your salad up a notch or two. Another option is a lettuce with frilled edges like Tango.



Use a Variety of Colors

While I’m all about the color green, salad can be a bit boring if it’s always monochromatic.

So, plan for a variety of colors in your salad bowl.


Even though most salad leaves are green, there’s a whole ray of green hues you can include.


Add a deep green leaf like that found in Siberian or Toscano Kale or even adding Sweet Basil as the base.


Add Parsley, Dill, or Arugula for a true kelly green hue in your supermodel salad.


Add Black Seeded Simpson, Cos Romaine, or Cilantro for lime green accents.


Reds are the second most common color for salad plants. And it just so happens that red’s the complementary color to green, so clearly mother nature knows a thing or two about fashion.

Add Red Sails, Mascara Lettuce or Lolla Rosa to the mix. There’s even a Red Romaine you can try.


Finally, purple hues are a perfect addition and seem to accent the greens and reds of a supermodel salad. I’m no Chanel designer, but I think the color combo is tres chic.

Add Purple Pak Choi, Purple Osaka, or Purple Mizuna to your salad garden to make it pop.


3-Use Edible Flowers

Nothing says ‘Garden to Table’ better than edible flowers. So, grow some right alongside your lettuce plants and add them to your Supermodel Salad each and every time.

Here are some of my favorite salad flowers that are all super easy to grow:


Violas, Pansies, Nasturtiums


Marigolds, Calendula


Zinnias, Sunflowers

Get a full list of edible flowers here and be inspired to grow some of your own.

Ready to make your salad runway worthy?

If you take a stroll through the grocery, it’s quite obvious that a lot of these varieties just don’t exist on the shelves. So, you might just have to try your hand at growing your own. Sound intimidating? It’s really not that hard. I’d love to help get you started with my free online workshop that teaches you four things you need to start salad gardening right away. Check it out and you’ll be well on your way to making your salad a supermodel (and super tasting) this season.

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