Want to Grow Vegetables in Your Front Yard?  Start Here

Want to Grow Vegetables in Your Front Yard? Start Here

Looking for an edible plant you can grow in your front yard garden beds? Swiss Chard is your new best friend.

Swiss Chard belongs in the Goosefoot family, alongside spinach and beets (you can see the similarity in their leaf pattern). But, Swiss Chard is also quite the looker and a perfect match for the front yard landscape.

Chard is a cold-hardy, relatively easy to grow super food and is a biennial, which means that it can remain in your garden for more than one season (some of our Rooted Garden clients have had the same plants for years!).  Swiss Chard is a mid-sized plant and will get approximately 15-20 inches tall.


On board with growing Swiss Chard? Let’s do it!

The best way to start chard is to grow it from seed.  But, if you’d prefer to start with a plant, you can buy one from your local nursery. When planting by seed, you will need to remember that the seeds are small, but the plant will grow and take up plenty of space in the garden-as much as one square foot! To keep the plant smaller in the garden, you can harvest the leaves more frequently. But, don’t turn your back on these greens-they’ll be huge before you know it.


Swiss Chard plants could replace a number of small bushes or annuals in your front yard-think something like Hostas.  The stems can be red, yellow, white, or green so the plants almost stand in as flowers when they’re this colorful.

All parts of the Swiss Chard plant are edible and taste great.  If you’re looking for a bit of crunch in your salad, the stems are a delicious and colorful replacement for celery.  Young and tender greens can also be a nice addition to your salad. For the more mature greens, you can prepare a side dish by chopping the leaves and stems and then saute with butter, garlic, and onions.  


To learn more about growing Swiss Chard and other greens, sign up for complete gardening course-Salad School- and learn how to start your own salad garden today. Growing Swiss Chard and every other salad plant will make you call yourself a ‘gardener’ in no time. I can’t wait to see your harvest!

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Growing Swiss Chard? I’d love to see your photos! Send them to me at or DM me on Instagram @rootedgarden

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